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How to stay active when working from home

As we prepare to enter the 3rd year of the global pandemic, working from home (WFH) seems it is here to stay. The pandemic has changed the world in many ways and working from home is arguably one of the biggest shifts the workforce has seen in recent years whether you have switched to working from home full time, or have opted for a hybrid workweek.

So why has working from home changed our activity levels?

Incidental exercise.

What is that? Incidental exercise is the activity you build up throughout the day rather than structured ‘exercise’ such as going for a run or lifting weights. Think walking to and from your car, carrying in your grocery bags inside, or taking the stairs to get into the office. When you include incidental exercise into your day, you are accumulating time towards reaching the national activity guidelines. These vary for each age group, however, all recommend less time sitting and lying down, and more time moving and standing.

So how can you incorporate incidental exercise if you’re working from home all day?

Some common strategies include:

- Schedule outlook reminders to stand up once an hour

- Use a smaller cup instead of a drink bottle to encourage you to walk to the kitchen more


- Go for a walk or complete 10 minute workout on your lunch break

- Walk around the home whilst you take your phone calls

- Get a standing desk

Including these small changes to your WFH day can help to mirror the incidental exercise you would normally get when working in the office (did somebody say coffee run?) and keep you moving towards your best health yet.


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