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Corporate and Workplace Health 

Work Place Health and Seminars


Workplace Health

Embrace offers assessment of workforce health in small to large companies and organisations. This includes health screening assessing cardiovascular heath, lung health, strength, endurance, flexibility and disease risk. Each assessment factor is assessed in relation to work place function. With this information each employee is provided with a treatment plan tailored to specific needs. Benefits of improving workplace heath:

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce sick days

  • Improve employee retention

  • Improve employee satisfaction

  • Improve employee motivation

Seminars & Health Presentations

Embrace offer seminars or educational presentations for local organisations to improve health and activity awareness and provide skills/tools individuals can utilise. Presentations include; manual handling, general health and fitness, and how to be fit for work.


Organisations we regularly present to include small to large companies, medical centres and non for profit organisations. If you would like to discuss what presentations can be offered for your organisations please contact us.

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